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Andy McLennan
80 London Road West
Guelph, ON Canada
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Phone: 519 • 823 • 2113
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Andy McLennanI have always enjoyed maps, and appreciate maps that are complex but easy to read and understand. And, since 1977 I have been very fortunate to have enjoyed a satisfying career making maps that, I think, shows useful information that is presented in a clear and pleasent fashion.

I worked for 12 years at the University of Guelph and Ontario Institute of Pedology in the mapping department of Land Resource Science. My work during this time concentrated mostly on the design and production of a series of technical Soil Maps of Southern Ontario with some focus on graphic design, printing, and publications. In 1987 I left the university for an excellent career opportunity at Stantec Inc. in Guelph Ontario (formerly ESG International) as manager of the mapping, graphics and print publications department, I had opportunities to work alongside and become friends with, many inovative and talented people.

Then, in 2007, I saw an opportunity unfolding. It meant leaving the comfort and familiarity of the corporate office and starting my own company. But it was something I really wanted to do, so I officially opened the doors of Cartographics Mapping and Design Inc. on January 15, 2007 and have not looked back. It has been a terrific experience and, thanks to some wonderful friends and mentors along the way, has turned out to be both enjoyable and profitable. I am grateful to those who have guided and helped me along the way and look forward to the seeing what other exciting things the years ahead will bring.

All the best,

Andy McLennan

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These services include CAD and GIS mapping and analysis. I am building an arsenal of up-to-date software and hardware as well as a large data set that will allow me to address almost any domestic or international mapping project.

There appears to be some significant interest in 3D modelling and simulations where accurately modelled images are superimposed over real world photography to aid in presenting ideas and concepts to the public.

In tandem with these services I am offering poster design, newsletter design, and schematic or conceptual drawings that will help to convey a consistant and professional message for every project.

You can view some examples of my work on LinkedIn.